We Need Extra Help!

Gio Miglietta, Reporter

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EMS students love extra help. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the students have “extra help” for thirty minutes, and the students love the opportunity to get assistance from teachers at that time. But is it enough?

We can all agree that the “extra help” period is great for getting help understanding concepts and preparing for upcoming tests and quizzes, but how much time do we students really need? I think that we should extend extra help time by 15 minutes per day, because students could benefit from even more time to talk to teachers. Receiving help from a teacher can improve our grades and decrease our homework burden when we students get home. I polled students about how they felt about extra help, and the answers were informative. Over 96% of the students reported that they benefitted from and enjoy extra help.

One flaw with the “extra help” session, is that students sometimes have music lessons which are scheduled during extra help.  Even though students also enjoy lessons, they are missing the extra help that is so very helpful for student success.  One student said, “Extra help should be extended, because some people have violin lessons during extra help, and then they should have at least ten minutes left of ‘extra help’ to meet with teachers.”

An anonymous student said that 7th and 8th graders don’t have a regularly scheduled study hall, and therefore they should have more time for extra help. In general, students report feeling that the opportunity to meet with teachers one-on-one is very helpful, and so we all could benefit from more time to meet with teachers individually.

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We Need Extra Help!