Why Carly Fiorina Should Not Get Your Vote

Xander Lifshutz, Reporter

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Carly Fiorina dropped out of the Presidential primary race yesterday, February 10, 2016. In retrospect, there are so many reasons why Carly Fiorina was never going to make it to the oval office.  She has overcome some momentous struggles in her life, such as the loss of a stepdaughter to drug abuse and fighting breast cancer. However, her personal triumphs do not override her unappealing ideas about the this country.  In terms of the economy, she had stated that she would vote against every bill to raise taxes if she were President. She also opposes the Stimulus Bill, and she seemed convinced that the Dodd Frank Bank Regulation would lead the country to Socialism.

Fiorina doesn’t believe in gun control or saving the environment. She said that if she were President, she would reduce the power of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) because she says that the EPA has been ruining our livelihoods and industries. She also doesn’t believe in strong gun control which upsets me a lot, given the constant gun violence rattling America.

Her plans for national security are also disconcerting, because I believe what she says she will do as President could lead to World War III. She plans on confronting the President of China, Xi Jinping, and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to discuss the mistakes their countries have made in the past such as the Chinese hacking and the crisis in Ukraine. Health Care is another issue I don’t see eye to eye with her on. Fiorina said that she is pro-life, but she also said that a woman should be allowed to get an abortion in cases of rape or endangerment to the mother. This stance may appeal to people that are both pro-life and pro-choice, but it seems like she refuses to take firm stand on the issue. A President needs to to be decisive, and this is one example of how she refuses to take sides.

Immigration is the one issue in which her stance seems reasonable. She supports the Dream Act, which states that anyone under 16 brought to the U.S. can obtain citizenship. She also stressed that border security should be built up more. On the other hand, she would like to ship all illegal immigrants back to their countries which I find a bit disturbing since our country has been built by immigrants including some of my great grandparents.

Carly Fiorina may have a very interesting background in business; however, she is a candidate whom I would never in my wildest dreams vote for. I think that she is extremely inexperienced in politics, and in my opinion, her policies and views of the issues are completely against what I believe in and support.


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Why Carly Fiorina Should Not Get Your Vote