YouTube’s Problems

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YouTube is a website where people can post videos they take or for people to watch videos. Currently, YouTube is undergoing some problems. One of their biggest problems is PoodleCorp. PoodleCorp is a group of hackers that have hacked many different people, including YouTubers. One YouTuber, PrestonPlayz/Preston, had his account hacked by them during one of his livestreams. Once he looked at what happened more carefully he realized that PoodleCorp had taken the name of “Microsoft Corp.” Preston got a copyright strike and got his livestreaming privileges taken away temporarily. PoodleCorp is just one of YouTube’s problems. Here’s a video of him explaining what happened: URL.

Another problem for YouTube is cursing. Some YouTubers use swear words in their videos, and the YouTube Terms of Service are kicking in. In 2005 to 2015, this wasn’t a problem, but now the Youtube and Google staff are becoming more strict with the YouTube Terms of Service. Some YouTubers that used to swear have now stopped, but some are still so daring as to continue cursing.

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