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Last year on April 1st, the very first historic rap/hip hop broadway musical, Hamilton came out.  Ever since there has been many crazy Hamilton events.  From school plays to hamilton.com, even a new ‘disease’ called Hamilaria, where you can’t stop spontaneously singing Hamilton songs.  Here are four interviews with EMS students and teachers regarding how they feel about the new sensation.


        Maeve Goldman, a fifth grader went to see the Hamilton. She claims to have a severe case of Hamilaria. Rani Ogden, a 5th-grade girl who recently just recovered from Hamilaria. Mrs. Search is the new 5th-grade teacher; she saw Hamilton three times and loved it.  Lastly, Luke Davis is a fifth grader who just recently saw the play and he loved it too. I interview them about what they thought of it, and here are their responses.

Interviewer: So what was your favorite part of Hamilton?

Maeve: I just loved when Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom Jr.) sang Wait For It. I just love his voice so much, and I liked seeing Burr’s view of the world.

Rani: I liked the opening because I didn’t know it would be that good until I saw the opening.

Mrs. Search: I love in the opening when Alexander Hamilton bursts out onto the stage. I saw the play three times and all three times, there was the same excitement. Also, I loved The Room Where It Happens because of all of the excitement and energy.

Luke:My favorite part was Yorktown. When they performed it they had so much energy, excitement, and emotion. It was awesome.

Interviewer: What was your least favorite part?

Maeve: Leaving

Rani: My brother ruined the show by crushing my plate, and talking.

Mrs. Search: I did not like It’s Quiet Uptown, the song mourning Philip Hamilton’s premature death.

Luke: I loved it all, though I was a little disappointed with Aaron Burr, Sir and Guns and Ships

Interviewer: What is your least favorite part about being a Hamilton Fan?

Maeve & Rani in unison: The fakers

Maeve: There are so many people who say that they have Hamilaria, but they really don’t.

Rani: I can name like seven fakers on the spot.  They say that they’re addicted, but they only know ten


Luke: Once you see it, you can’t really get over it and you just want to see it again. To quote Hamilton: “You will never be satisfied”

Interviewer: Describe Hamilton in one word:

Maeve: Revolutionary!

Rani: Papow!

Mrs. Search: Wow!

Luke: Epic!

Interviewer: How was the cast?

Mrs. Search: I thought they were incredible. The only bad part was that I only saw Leslie Odom Jr. twice.

Interviewer: Do you think you have Hamilaria, how are you dealing with it, and how did you get over your Hamilaria?

Luke: Yes, I think I do, and I’m haven’t dealt with it, yet.

Maeve: I have it, and I’m not dealing with it. I’m not. I am just singing 24/7.

Rani: I had it, but I took a little break from Hamilton, and stop singing, it goes away.

Interviewer: What was different about the different times you saw Hamilton?

Mrs. Search: The first time, I was overwhelmed. The second time, I knew more of what to expect    The third and last time, I just cried and sang along to the songs.

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