Wildfire Rages In Tennessee

Julia Cooper

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There hasn’t been rain since a couple of months ago. This is why a forest fire would be so deadly. Tennessee has been holding off on controlled burns since a while ago. Unfortunately, there has been a fire. On Wednesday, November 24, a terrible forest fire broke out in towns outside The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This is a terrible catastrophe.


This is the worst fire Tennessee has ever faced. Seven people died, and 52 people were injured. The fire’s victims’ names haven’t been posted yet, but one of the victim’s son said that his mom, Alice Hagler’s body was found “in the ruins of her home, her life taken by a devastating fire that impacted so many lives in East Tennessee.”


Another problem of Tennessee’s is that an aquarium, the largest in Tennessee, is just miles away from the fires. They evacuated the people but can’t take the animals. The building is old, so the fire could possibly get into the building and kill the animals.  

The fire department doesn’t have a plan yet. Fellow reporter Grant Goldman voiced his opinion about the plan: “That is a terrible plan.” As you can see, he doesn’t like the “we’ll just go with the flow” type of plan. This is a very pressing matter that Tennessee needs to take into it’s hands ASAP.

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