Recent Sicknesses

Paul Yoon, Reporter

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There has been been many sicknesses that have been going around EMS.  These illnesses have been very contagious and many kids have been absent.  People have reported being sick with the flu, strep, and fever.  

I went to Ms. Sinisi and asked her a few questions.

What do you think about the recent illnesses?

  • There are a lot of different cases
  • Kids seem to coming to school and going back home and coming back to school

How do you think we can stop the infection?

  • She said that we would do everything we can
  • She said that people should wash their hands more often
  • She said that she asked the people to clean the school more thoroughly

What do you think the cause is?

  • Since it is a mild winter, infection carrying bugs are not being exterminated
  • Germs that are becoming more resilient to medications
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