The Washington Redskins NFL Referee Problem

Jonathan Kae

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The Washington Redskins have recently been eliminated from the NFL playoffs. They have given up losses arguably due to the idiocy of the NFL officials. I personally, being a fan of the Redskins, disagree with the terrible officials.

If you watch the Redskins vs Bengals game you can clearly see an example of the argument. The redskins lost the game because of multiple terrible calls by the officials. One of the Redskins’ big plays was a huge pass to Pierre Garcon for 14 yards at the Bengals 44. The play was called off because of a flop of Adam “Pacman” Jones. Pierre Garcon had slightly shoved him and Jones had pulled back. Garcon was called for an Offensive pass interference call, which led to the redskins loss.

In a press conference Josh Norman said, “Who is 88? I gotta know, I just gonna know. Who is official 88…… He sucked….. Just gonna be honest with you. I’m gonna be straight forward, he was terrible I feel like he should be reprimanded.” After stating more complaints about flags, he spoke about the offensive pass interference penalty: “The flag at the end of the game where Pierre caught a slant. Caught a slant route in 5 yards got separation from the DB. We were in field goal range, flag coming back. So was that the only first offensive pass interference we had all game? I need to know, because I don’t think Cincinnati had one at all. And if you had seen the game, there was a lot of that going on, but like I said, I’m not them. I just play the game,”

Every redskins fan in the world who watched the game went furious, even the casters were confused with the call. Josh Norman was fined $25000 for his words against the official. As you know this wasn’t the end of it.

At the redskins last week and final chance to get into the playoffs, they faced the big New York Giants. Ben Mcadoo felt no remorse for the Redskins and put all his starters into a useless win. Josh Norman came up with amazing read and caught the ball from Eli Manning but was grabbed on his facemask by Sterling Shepard. He dropped it by the grab and called for the flag. It was an open field and Josh Norman could have returned it for a touchdown. It was a surprising call and one that shocked the stadium.

The redskins came out eliminated from the playoffs after a lot of brilliant individual performances. 5 redskins (Ryan Kerrigan, Kirk Cousins, Trent Williams, Brandon Scherff, and Jordan Reed) made the 2017 pro bowl. Josh Norman surprisingly did not make it. The Washington Redskins should come out of the season with confidence, after that bit of information.

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