Paul Yoon, Reporter

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Recently, there were two people who came to our school to discuss the problem of bullying in schools.  They discussed how people were bullied and what the solutions were.  They said the solution was to tell an adult about how you feel.


I sent a survey to the seventh and eighth grade and here were the questions and results:


Do you feel like you learned something new from the Power of One presentation?

13.3% of the people said YES

73.3% of the people said NO

15.6% of the people said MAYBE


Do you feel like bullying is a problem at EMS?

75.6% of the people said NO

24.4% of the people said YES


According to the survey, most people feel they did not learn anything from the presentation, but some people did.  Although most people said that bullying is not a problem at EMS, almost a quarter of students feel that it is.  That is a significant amount of students feeling that bullying is a problem.  To fix this problem, people should start reporting bullying to adults.  Maybe the people who did learn, 13.3% of respondents to the survey,  something from the presentation will help reduce bullying and help bring down the number of people who think bullying is a problem at EMS.


At the end of the presentation, everyone had to take an oath.  In the oath, we had to say that we will never bully anyone and never be a bystander.  

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