Sleep Deprivation Around EMS

Alexa Mitumbili, Reporter

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As we got older, sleep deprivation has become a big issue for Elisabeth Morrow School students. Sleep deprivation can be caused by many things like after school activities and social media distractions, but the main issue seems to be the amount of homework. Homework, especially from history and math proves to take students about an hour or longer. This with social media distractions, taking time out for dinner and after school sports can take up half the afternoon. This causes students and even teachers to fall asleep at later hours. Over the week falling asleep at late hours everyday can cause sleep deprivation. Researchers say that sleep deprivation can cause “decreased performance and alertness, stress, poor quality of life and even memory impairment.” For student their quality of homework and performance on tests decreases especially when they come home late and have to cram for tests the night before. Receiving bad scores from these tests can upset students and cause them to have a “poor quality of life.”

I sent out a poll to a couple of student asking on average how many hours of sleep they get a night. Some students get as little as 5 and others get as much as 11, but on average the normal amount per night is 6 or 7 hours The average amount of sleep needed for 6-13 year olds  is 9-11 hours. Having 6-7 hours of sleep is not enough for school students to focus and perform well in school. Although sleep deprivation has proven to be a big problem at EMS and even around the world, if students learn to step away from the distractions they can get the normal amount of sleeping hours.

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