Steve Harvey Publicly Targets Asian Men

Ethan Gayle, Reporter

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January 6th, 2017, Steve Harvey said, “Excuse me, do you like Asian men? No, Thank you.” The “joke” that Harvey made was of course directed towards a book called How to date White Women: A Practical Guide for Asian Men. This 15-year-old book was meant to give advice and tips to Asian men about dating white women. Many people back then and today say it’s inaccurate and insulting. Little did he know how much of an impact a little joke could have. An assemblyman named Ron Kin and many other people, not just Asians were outraged by the racist comment. Ron Kin quoted, “We want and immediate public apology for your offensive, classless comments.” The way that America sees is that Asians are the punching bag of society. If Ken Jeong would say, “ Excuse me, do you like Black men? No, thank you.” Much bigger protest would happen. Black lives Matters protest or Twitter fights. That’s just how America works. Some people say that Steve Harvey is a comedian and that it’s his job to men jokes like this. Others were saying that he should have never thought to say a joke relating to Asian men or any other gender/race. Steve Harvey, like in the past, apologized for his outgoing comment. The public accepted, but is on the lookout for another offensive comment.

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