Opening Day Baseball!

Alexander Cox and Peter Staphos

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After a long winter and Spring Training, the MLB has returned. On April 2nd and 3rd, each team played their first game. On April 2nd, the Rays beat the Yankees 7-3, the Giants were defeated by the Diamondbacks 6-5, and to close off the night, the Cardinals stunned the defending champion Cubs with a close 4-3 victory. On April 3rd, the Marlins defeated the Nationals, the Mets shut out the Braves, the Red Sox bested the Pirates, 5-3, the Rockies won against the Brewers, the Orioles won against the Blue Jays in extra innings, the Phillies beat the Reds, the Dodgers dominated the Padres, the Twins beat the Royals, the Indians defeated the Rangers, the Astros shut out the Mariners, and the Athletics beat the Angels.

Although there were a few upsets in games, there was only one player who failed to impress or even play to his expectations. Masahiro Tanaka, he was a disappointment to many Yankee fans on opening day. He let up 7 runs in just three innings leaving him with a 23.63 ERA. Most other players, on the other hand, played how they were expected to play. Madison Bumgarner, starting pitcher for the Giants did exceed expectations, pitching 7 innings and also hitting 2 home runs. He became the first pitcher ever to hit 2 home runs on opening day. History was made!

Many predictions have been made about the World Series and the MLB playoffs since last season. A lot of people believe the Cubs or the Red Sox will win.


Here are our predictions:


Alexander Cox: Chicago Cubs over the Boston Red Sox in 7 games


Peter Staphos: Mets over Red Sox in 6 games


Garo Amerkanian: Orioles over Nationals in 6 games


Alexandros Paliouras: Orioles over Diamondbacks in 6 games (he doesn’t know)


Mr. Niemczyk: Indians over Cubs in 7 games

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