Lacrosse Interview

Paul Yoon and Owen Higgins

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Since lacrosse season recently started, Owen and I have decided to interview people.

1.) What do you think is appealing about lacrosse?
Mr. Messler: It is a fast moving sport and it has an aspect of elegance

Mr. Baly: It is a fast moving game.

It has the right combination between skill, athleticism, teamwork, and physicality.

It has the right amount of scoring that occurs.

It is hard to score but it isn’t too difficult to score.

Mr. Allen (Neutral)

2.) Do you think lacrosse should be more popular?
Mr Messler: Yes

Mr. Baly: Yes

Mr Allen: It depends on whichever sport does best,  as the saying goes, “Survival of the fittest”

3.) Do you watch lacrosse on TV?
Mr. Messler: Yes

Mr. Baly: Yes

Mr. Allen: No

4.) Do you like any NCAA lacrosse teams?  If so who?
Mr Messler: Yes.  (Stony Brook, Johns Hopkins, Hof strings)

Mr. Baly: Yes (Harvard and Johns Hopkins)

Mr. Allen: No

5.) Do you think lacrosse is too violent for middle schoolers?
Mr. Messler: No

Mr: Baly: No because they are able to adjust the rules

Mr. Allen: No

6.) Do you think the 5th graders should be able to play EMS lacrosse?
Mr. Messler: Not with the 7th and 8th graders

Mr. Baly: Yes if there was a way

Mr Allen: No (only if they could play other sports)

Question 7.) Do you think lacrosse should be played in more countries?
Mr. Messler: Yes

Mr. Baly: Yes it would be wonderful.

Mr. Allen: Whichever sport does best.

Question 8.) Do you think there should be a teachers versus students lacrosse game?
Mr. Messler: No because there are not enough people.

Mr. Baly: No because there would be very few teachers.

Mr. Allen: No

Question 9.) Do you think lacrosse is fun?
Mr. Messler: Yes

Mr: Baly Yes (It is one of the most fun sports to play)

Overall, the people we interviewed thought that lacrosse is a great sport that should be played even more than it already is. In our opinion, we agree that lacrosse is a great sport.

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