Overwatch Insurrection/Uprising Event

Michael Liu, Reporter

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Yesterday an event rolled out in Overwatch detailing the backstories of the original Overwatch team. A leaked trailer rolled up all the hype, and literally created the biggest hype train ever, less than the Ryzen (of course) as hyperbole. 126 new items were released, detailing the backstories of Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjorn and a little of Genji and Hanzo joining Blackwatch. This was 7 years ago, when Tracer was a cadet, just 19 years old, embarking on her first mission to eradicate extremist omnic forces in King’s Row, a recreation of London. They released two new gamemodes too. Daniel Dominguez is a Tracer main and likes the new Tracer skin. Here’s a quick picture.


Personally, my favorite skin is the Mccree, with the blood red spurs and a laser sight on his revolver, tattoos covering his body.


Another favorite is the Genji skin, after Genji agreed to help overwatch mercy made him a bionic ninja cyborg.

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