International Management Group (IMG)

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Over the break, Charlie Oropeza and Callum Stewart Wood traveled to Florida and attended IMG academy. They each went for their sports. Charlie went  2 weeks for lacrosse and Callum went for two; one for soccer and one for tennis. They had a cafeteria big enough to fit the whole school. The school also included a swimming pool, a game room, basketball courts, tennis courts, lacrosse fields, soccer fields, a bookstore, other restaurants and a stadium. The rooms were 4 beds and 4 kids per bathroom but for the full-timers the room was a lot more spacious and only had two kids per room.

IMG as well a being a school is a sports academy that offers valuable coaching opportunities. IMG has coaches for all aspects of the sport that you are interested in, such as mental training, speed training, and physical conditioning coaches. The school times would depend on the sport for soccer. They told me that you would have sports from 8-12 and school from 12-6. There are multiple gyms and training fields for every sport. As the complex is very big, there are 2 trams that drive people around, getting them from field to field and from building to building. IMG is a good school with many options in all areas.

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