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The Student Council made this promise in the beginning of the year to remove lunch tables, but failed to do so. In the second semester however, they finally came through on their promise. The Student Council promised new and improved lunch tables. Earlier in the year, the students submitted a form with students that they wanted to sit with during lunch. Then, based off of the results, Mr. Baly and the Morrow House faculty helped created the lunch lists. While the Student Council has finally delivered on their promise, there are mixed emotions towards assigned tables among the student community.


“I love the system, I think it took a little while, but I’m glad they are now in use.”- Peter Staphos


“I think that if you’re gonna come up with the idea you should at least stick to it and update it every week, if you want the system to work you actually have to update so people want to comply, because right now nobody’s updating. But, honestly there has been improvements during this school year.” -Annabelle Xing


“I feel Student Council is being lazy, and that they can do a much better job instead of doing one table for the whole year which is ridiculous, student council should get their act together.”- Yongmin Lee


“I think it’s terrible. I think it doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand why we have to sit with the same people for the rest of the year. We should either go back to the old system or we should change the whole system. I hate everyone.” – Teddy Nelson


“My table is actually amazing and I like it a lot.”- Ethan Hall
“I think it’s mixed results, some days people don’t follow directions such as leaving before their table is called or getting up to talk to people before lunch is over, but if they can reel that in and stop doing that stuff, then they can prove that is was all worth it.” – Mr. Niemczyk

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Student Council Tables Articles