Eagles Secure Early Win @Tuxedo Park

Alexandros Paliouras, Reporter

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017, marks the first win in the EMS Eagles’ lacrosse franchise history since two years ago. Unfortunately, our Eagles were winless last year; robbed of wins for a whole season, much to the dismay of the players, and Coach Lansdale. EMS secured this win away at Tuxedo Park Academy, usually a difficult task for the Eagles, but with standout performances from key players such as Charles “Chuck-O” Oropeza who scored 6 goals that game and Garo “Swag Master G” Amerkanian who also bagged a hat-trick along with Zeck “The Strikeout King” Davis. I interviewed a few players on the team as well as the coach to get the real info on how this early win might affect our future chances at success.


Interview Questions:


Q: What do you think the team did well on Tuesday?

Garo: Passing

Charlie: Fast breaks

Mr. Niemczyk: We had some good shot placements, good overall passing I was pretty impressed that the team played with focus after getting there late and not having time to warm up, I think our goalie made good saves as well


Q: What do you think the team could improve upon?

Garo: The goalie could get better.

Charlie: Passing.

Mr. Niemczyk: Physicality and confidence, a lot of people make a bad pass or shot and they drop their shoulders and lose focus.


Q: What do you think you, the coach/player, could improve on if anything at all?

Garo: Passing

Charlie: Feeding

Mr. Niemczyk: Nothing, I’m perfect


Q: What are your predictions for the game at Tenafly?

Actual Result: L 8-2

Garo: L 20-0

Charlie: L 2-6

Mr. Niemczyk: W 8-7


Q: Who do you think is the most improved player from last year’s season and why?

Garo: Owen Higgins, because he was bad last year and good this year

Charlie: Owen Higgins, he can actually defend and scoop now
Mr. Niemczyk: Jonathan Jean-Baptiste, he really couldn’t catch or cradle and now he’s pretty solid as well as Paul Yoon, same thing

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