Belated Slime

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Slime was an uproar within the students of the school, particularly the girls. Slime is a non-Newtonian liquid, meaning the viscosity/resistance changes as one applies a stronger force. There are certain kinds of slime, but almost all of them have the same common ingredients – glue, water, borax, and food coloring (if one wants their slime to have color). Slime is very similar to silly putty, except it is possible to alter the malleability of the slime. Some slime is more liquified than others, and when one grabs it, it feels completely like a liquid. Others are thicker and harder to mold, much like a large piece of chewed gum. Japan has developed a clear slime that feels like jelly. DIY slime videos have been uploaded by numerous YouTubers, along with slime ASMR and playing with slime videos. Unfortunately, an executive decision was made deciding to ban slime from the school. This decision did not bode well with much of the school. Slime was largely popular with many of the girls, however not as popular with the boys.      However, the school slime epidemic came to a grinding halt soon after.

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Belated Slime