Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch has been long awaited since the announcement was released, and as many know, it has been released recently. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with this console. There have been numerous problems reported with this device, both major and minor among them. A couple of the many problems are reports of the left joystick having trouble connecting, and freezing in the middle of usage. There are fortunately a fair amount of upsides to help balance this out. One can take the console almost anywhere, and play multiplayer games as long as there is wifi in the area. Another pro to this device is the ability to separate the main controllers from the consoles and attach it to a different console, allowing one to play on the big screen. A unique feature about this console is the fact that the games have to be put in “cards” or cartridges. Apparently, these taste horrific, as they are covered in compounds made up of Denatonium Benzoate, the most bitter chemical compound known to man. They are also made up of other horrifyingly bad tasting chemicals. The Nintendo Switch has proved its mettle to some, but there are those who disagree. It may be good, but it’s far from perfect.


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Nintendo Switch