Emanuel Macron

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On March 7 Emmanuel Macron beat Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election. Emmanuel Macron, unlike his opposition, supported France staying in the European Union. We interviewed two anonymous figures who both said they were delighted Emmanuel Macron won the election, one of them stating “Very glad that the right wing nationalist anti-globalist movement was stopped in France.” Marine Le Pen’s ideas were for France to become more independent. Macron is left  leaning while Le pen is far right. The far right party opposes socialism and social democracy and includes conservatives, Christian democrats, classical liberals, nationalists. Left wing agendas include equality and egalitarianism while they oppose social hierarchy and social inequality. Emmanuel Macron is very into beliefs of Europeans being united. He expressed disappointment with Brexit.  Le Pen wanted to have more strict immigration removing foreigners. Macron wants more foreigners to increase culture in France. He wants to give foreigners education and a chance. He also wants to help famines and other countries around the world.


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Emanuel Macron