What goes on in the EMS Library?

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What goes on in the EMS Library?

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Students use the EMS library every day. however, nobody really thinks about the effort that goes into running it. Ms. Santoro, the current librarian in the Morrow House Library, was interviewed by one of our reporters in The Squawk. when asked, she stated that she was looking for donations. She also said that she wanted to add to their graphic novels section, which at this time is very small. Also, Ms. Santoro said that she’s looking to re-organize the fiction section by next year.


  • EMS library is taking donations, especially graphic novels
  • has gotten many questions about graphic novels, although it is a very small section
  • Ms Santoro is looking to have the whole fiction section ordered by genre so that it’s less daunting to find the different books and will encourage the students to browse during their free time

what people actually do in the EMS library

people who were interviewed thought that there was nothing wrong or there was nothing they wanted to change in the EMS library.

Interview of Ms. Santoro

Q: how long have you been looking for book donations?

A: for graphic novels, a couple of months. We have a growing graphic novel section. A student who’d like to remain anonymous has been donating used graphic novels, there is a lot of demand for graphic novels.

In general, we’re looking to sort the fiction sections based off of the genre, instead of the title. The shift will hopefully encourage students to browse during their free time. ‘i’m looking specifically for graphic novels, but I’m always willing to take donations.”


Q: What are some of your favorite books?


A: Lord of the rings, harry potter, Neil Gaiman – the graveyard


  • what are some of your favorite books?
    • classics
      • lord of the rings
      • harry potter
      • Neil Gaiman- the graveyard book
    • fantasy

After this, I asked a bunch of people other questions


Q: when you go to the EMS library, what are you normally looking for?

A: Anonymous person 1- books for projects, when they’re required

   Anonymous person 2- don’t go to library normally unless it’s after school

Anonymous person 3- books for classes, talking to people in there

   Lori- usually looking for research books or book to read for fun

   Daniel- never looking for books, usually used as a study area.

 Anonymous person 4- honestly paper for writing with


what’s your favorite book genre?

  • Anonymous person 1-fantasy
  • Anonymous person 2- no specific genre
  • Anonymous person 3- historical fiction
  • Lori- either fantasy or fiction or dystopian universe
  • Daniel- fantasy and medieval
    • the writing style is very important
  • Anonymous person 4- non-fiction or historical


is there anything you’d like to change about the book selection in the EMS library?

  • Anonymous person 1- nope
  • Anonymous person 2- p. good, not really
  • Anonymous person 3- not really
    • the amount of work she [Ms. Santoro] does is amazing
  • Lori- nothing really, big variety, good balance between research books/nonfiction and fiction
    • encyclopedias
  • Daniel- more textbooks, during guided study- multiple people can use them at the same time
    • history textbook
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