Is North Korea really a threat to the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?

Itamar Amsalem

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North Korea is showing up on news channels much more often then it has in the past year or so. Sometimes, for the whole day, channels such as CNN have been broadcasting about the socialist state’s military. But are Kim Jong Un’s soldiers and missiles really a threat to the sleeping giant known as the United States and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, (NATO)?

First, let’s look at their numbers. They have 690,000 active personnel and 4.5 million in reserve. Pretty big right? But their number of people isn’t such a game-changer compared to the US’s 1.4 million active and 850,000 reserves. That means the United States’s active manpower is twice as large. But if North Korea called in all of its reserves, the army would be multiple times larger.

Now let’s see how both sides can actually get their troops to the battleground. AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicles) are something the US can boast about, their 25,000 are mesmerizing to the enemy’s 2,500. Ten to one. Tanks are a closer match, however, the Land of Liberty having 8,800 while North Korea has around 6,600.

Each side’s Navy power is drastically different. The foreign country has the older tech, recycled from as early as the 1950’s. They aren’t really capable of scanning life forms from far away, and their nuclear submarines usually explode while on missions. But while North Korea’s playing around with their Nokias and their Microsoft XPs, (which are restricted,) the United States has one of the best military technology in the world. Most of their submarines can go a couple miles away from an enemy ship while remaining undetected. Also, the United States has around 11 aircraft carriers, the most in the world. So good luck Kim if you wanna get to the U.S mainland.

But while they fight in the seas, both countries need some air support. However, North Korea’s air force is no match with their 940 aircraft compared to America’s 13,700. Like in the seas, the United States wins with their tech. 2-0.

Finally, let’s go to the Nuclear Warheads. The United States has 6,000, the second most in the world only behind Russia. North Korea is believed maybe to have 1.

Sorry Kim, but it just isn’t happening.

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