This Year’s First Ever Pinterest Secret Santa

by Madison Assanah

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This year for the first time Pinterest is hosting a Secret Santa event. This event allows people to find their friends and/or family on Pinterest. It’s mainly to help people really know what others want for Christmas. They would use an API to create some custom idea boards based on what that person has been saving. Some people asked, “But what if the person I’m shopping for doesn’t use Pinterest?” They’ve still got you covered. Pinners can chose a gift persona that resembles the person that they’re getting the gift for. All of the Pinners will see personalized idea boards which include Pins with trending gift ideas like net bags, neon lights, etc. Santa will also be saving holiday idea pins. He has been saving things like beard grooming ideas, cookie recipes, chimney inspiration, and much more. 4 major brands will also be providing some amazing gift ideas. Amazon will provide toys and game ideas, but their Echo division will be giving out some tech suggestions. Bed Bath and Beyond will provide home ideas. CVS Pharmacy will showcase some gifting supplies (wrap, tags, boxes, cards, etc.) which are all available in stores. And finally Universal Pictures will be teasing the release of “Despicable Me 3” for the holiday season.

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