Animal Shelters and Pet Rescues

by Madison Assanah

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There are many animals stranded outside in the wild. But there are also some shelters that will rescue them. Such as the Pet ResQ Inc. Although the Pet ResQ Inc only rescues dogs, they will go out of their way to save them. Right now they have 5 dogs that are “heartworm positive” and 2 that are healthy. They also have a special account with Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital. On their website they have a calendar showing different events they’re having, like pictures with Santa on November 2nd or an adoption event on November 25th. There are also websites you can find to adopt a pet. One of those websites is Petfinder. Petfinder can help find a very specific pet. It has a search ber for what type of pet you want, the location and distance you want it to be in, the breed, the age, the gender, what characteristics you want, what size you want, what your household already has, and if you’ve already been to the website before you can search up the name of a pet you liked. On the website they also have advice on dog or cat care, pet adoption, shelters and rescues, rescuing pets, and they even show some videos. You can also donate to help pets in other countries. On a different places in the website you can find something sort of like a newspaper with different articles. They also have the links to pet rescuers websites. And last they also have advice on how to care for a few different pets.


Here is the link for Petfinder: Here is the link for Pet ResQ Inc.:

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