Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions

By Itamar Amsalem

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The international (Gregorian Calendar) holiday of New Year’s is coming up, December 31 and many people are setting a goal for themselves to accomplish by the next year. These goals are known as New Year’s Resolutions. There are some extremely popular, personal, and weird ones out there, but here we will just stick to the ones at the top list of the most favored. In this article, I will be discussing the Top New Year’s Resolutions.


  • Get Healthy
    • With over  62,776,000 searches this year, this one is by far the most popular. It has increased over 13.77% from last year. It seems like a ton of people are trying to get fit, cut of their fat and become a new person
  • Get Organized
    • With over 33,230,000 searches it was dropping by 7.41 percent. Last year’s count of 35,888,700. Looks like people are trying to be able find stuff in their room more.
  • Learn something new/new hobby
    • 14% of all New Year’s searches come to this resolution. It may not be the most wanted, but many people are trying to learn a new skill, which is a good thing!

In the end, a ton of people are trying to become a new person on December 31st. What’s your Resolution if you have one, and will you try to complete it?

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