Is the iPhone X a downgrade or upgrade for Apple?

By Itamar Amsalem

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Is the iPhone X a downgrade or upgrade for Apple?

By Itamar Amsalem



  1. Introduction
  2. No Home Button
  3. Face ID
  4. Wireless Charging
  5. Conclusion



On November 3, 2017 Apple released it’s most diverse, alienating product yet, the iPhone X, or 10 in roman numerals. This $1000 futuristic-looking device is a big change for the tech company, as they have never produced anything that looks or functions like this new product. Each feature has it’s downs and ups, but this phone has some particularly strange ones. In this article I will be discussing if the iPhone a downgrade or upgrade for Apple?


No Home Button

Part of what makes the iPhone look so alienating is that there is no home button, unlike the traditional iPhone. Instead, you swipe up to return back to the Home Screen. This is great because when you are watching a movie on YouTube, or playing back one of your old videos from a year before, you have a bigger screen. You also have a bigger screen even without the home button because the new electronic boasts a side-to-side screen.

However, there have already been designs in Samsung smartphones that have come from years before Apple even thought of the X.


Face ID

This time, it was Apple who was first to win the race of Face ID technology. This is what makes the iPhone X beautiful, yet extremely dangerous. Here’s why. Let’s say that you get attacked while walking in New York City. That person could steal your phone, point it at your face, and run with all of your personal information, apps, and (if you have apple pay) your credit card info. In addition, if you get hurt for example getting a black eye, there is no quick access to dialing emergency services because there is a two second delay to enter your passcode if it does not recognize you.

But, something cool does come out of this Face ID. Apple has brought Animoji to the world of cell phones. Animoji is a feature that allows one of 12 emojis at a time to record head gestures. Whatever you do with your face, such as blinking or sticking out your tongue is recorded and immediately copied to the emoji. You can send these to your friends and family on iMessage.

Wireless Charging

Finally, the iPhone 8, 8+, and X all have a glass back which is breakable but allows wireless charging. Simply place the device on the charging pad (see image) and it begins to charge. No wires, no tangled cables, no nothing.

However, like I mentioned earlier, the whole front and back of the phone is glass, unlike the older models. This makes it even more breakable than it’s predecessors.




In the end, this phone is great but terrible at the same time. A lot of people like it, but at the same time, a lot of people don’t. Your opinion on it depend on what you enjoy in a phone; do you like new technology, or do you prefer the classics? Do you adore the sleek, glass back, or do you like more protective aluminum. This all depends on you.

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