Apple’s New Products

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Apple’s New Products

By William Helm

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On September 12, 2017, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, shook the ground in a small Californian city called Cupertino,  you might of heard of it.  He was holding a Keynote Event in the brand new Steve Jobs Theater, a monument in memoriam for the late Steve Jobs.  He announced the arrival of three new Apple products, the Apple Watch Series 3, the iPhone 8, and the highly anticipated iPhone X.


The Apple Watch Series 3

Tim Cook started his presentation for Apple Watch by stating that the watch has now become the number one brand watch in the United States.  He continued by giving and showing a movie and saying speech about how the Apple Watch has helped so many people, i.e. athletes, models, diabetics, and even senior citizens.  Then he started on the new updates in Apple Watch Series 3. Their new slogan for Apple Watch Series 3 is “Freedom Calls.”  The new Apple Watch Series 2 was water resistant, but now it’s processor is fully waterproof for up to 50 feet underwater.  With the old Apple Watch, you needed your phone nearby to make a call or text, but now with the updated version, it has built in cellular and GPS.  You can leave your phone at home and still be connected, getting notifications from your favorite apps.  In addition, Apple Music is now connected to your watch and you can stream up to 40 million songs on your wrist.  The Apple Watch Series 3 now has more exercise modes, including rowing, swimming, hiking, biking, and using an elliptical machine.  The new watch now will give you motivation when you need it as a goal to close your three rings.  It also comes with the new apps, Drink and Breathe.  The Drink app simply alerts you when it detects dehydration in your system, and the Breathe app is a meditation app to help you relax and sleep.  Lastly, the Apple Watch Series 3 comes with new colored sports bands, multi colored Nike+ bands, and introduces the Sport Loop, a velcro strap that connects to your watch to make it easier to use in addition to new watch faces from the Toy Story movie.


The iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is the newest addition to the iPhone family with a slogan of “A Giant Leap for iPhone.”  Let’s start with the design.  It is now made completely out of a very durable glass and comes in three colors; Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.  Because of the glass backing, the iPhone 8 now enables, wait for it, Wireless Charging.  You don’t even need to take the case off your phone.  When your juice is low, you just put your phone on a pad and it will start to charge.  As expected, the iPhone 8 comes with a better camera, Portrait mode on the Selfie side, and now with a new feature called Portrait Lighting.  Portrait Lighting is a new mode on Portrait mode that enables different lighting.  When you take a photo, it can give the illusion of contour light, studio light, stage light, and stage light mono.  These effects are extremely realistic and are predicted to change the solo-photography world.  The iPhone 8 now has a new chip inside of it, the A11 Bionic.  It is the most powerful chip in a smartphone. Ever. It grants a brighter display, a faster CPU, Power Efficiency, an Apple Designed GPU, and Augmented Reality, plus some more things with long names that I don’t know what they mean.   


The iPhone X

The iPhone X is clearly the most anticipated device of the four.  It now has a new display that all screen, getting rid of the home button and side bar.  It has an OLED screen that has an incredible contrast ratio, and it is now water proof up to 50 feet underwater.  Because there is no home button, the iPhone X uses several gestures to function.  “How to you go to your home page,” you might ask, well you just simply swipe up.  But then, how do you get to control center?  Well, you simply  swipe down from the right.  And what about Siri? You just hold down the off button.  Now with no home button, there is no thumbprint recogniser.  In its place, there is now Face ID.  Face ID is a relatively new piece of technology that Apple implemented into its new phone.  You just hold your phone near your face, and it will unlock!  You can now use Face ID for things like Apple Pay, and other third party payment apps.  In addition, the iPhone X has portrait mode on both the back, and the front, so you can now take a portrait selfie.  Similar to the iPhone 8, it has Portrait Lighting.  One new and exciting feature that is new to the iPhone X is the new program, Animojis.  In summary, Apple used the technology with Face ID to make Animojis, which are emojis that you can control with your face.   When you smile, the emoji smiles.  When you frown, the emoji frowns.  You can even stick out your tongue and the emoji will stick out its tongue.  These just a few glances of the iPhone X, but Tim Cook said that they were going to still keep some aspects of the iPhone X a surprise.  With the release date soon, we are coming closer and closer to finding out the full power of the iPhone X.

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