Microsoft’s Surface Arc: An Overshadowed Business/Casual Mouse

Michael Liu, Reporter

May 3, 2017

As many of you probably know, the Microsoft Surface Laptop just released. A video came out on Microsoft's youtube channel, rocketing to the top of the youtube trending list. It's "compadre," the Surface Arc mouse, received little...


May 1, 2017

Homework Load Article

Homework Load Article

April 21, 2017

Student Council Tables Articles

Alexandros Paliouras, Garo Amerkanian, and Annabelle Xing

April 17, 2017

The Student Council made this promise in the beginning of the year to remove lunch tables, but failed to do so. In the second semester however, they finally came through on their promise. The Student Council promised new and improved...

60 EMS related puns

Daniel Dominguez and Michael Liu

April 17, 2017

60 EMS puns   Notice: All of these puns are made for satirical purposes. None of these are true, and they are only made for the pun.   Bad Puns “What did you want to learn to do in EMS?” “I wanted to learn d...

Into the Woods: A “Magical” Performance

Julia Jaye Levin and Josephine Helm

April 12, 2017

The Morrow House production of Into the Woods on March 16 and 17, is recognized as the most elaborate and successful EMS play yet. The Drama teacher, Mr. Diaz, applauds the cast-members, praising their dedication and hard wor...

Jewish Bomb Threats

Charlie Oropeza, Reporter

March 9, 2017

Over the last few weeks, there have been over 100 Jewish School bomb threats. The FBI have been recently investigating whether civil rights have been violated. The majority of the threats were in New Jersey and New York. Trump...

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