Fidel Castro’s many assassination attempts

William Helm, Reporter

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Fidel Castro was the Dictator/President of Cuba, just died at the age of 90.  He was the leader of Cuba during the Cold War, so as you can assume, there were many tensions between Cuba and the U.S. at the time.  Different Presidents told the CIA to assassinate Mr. Castro 638 times, but he survived every attempted.  As Andrew Theberge, a 5th grader said, “The CIA tried to assassinate Fidel Castro 638 times, he lived, but he could never escape the worst attempt yet: old age.”  Here are some of the craziest Castro murder attempts.  As you might know, Fidel Castro loves to scuba dive, and even more, he loved sea shells.  One time, the CIA created an exploding seashell right before Castro’s annual diving trip, in the hopes that he would swim near it and the shell would explode and kill him.  Another ocean attempt was to put him in tuberculosis bacilli triggering a deadly skin disease, but the person in charge of putting the tuberculosis bacilli in his suit decided to use a non-lethal chemical instead. Later, the CIA attempted to put a toxic pill in Castro’s milkshake. However, the pill got stuck on the side of the cup, and Castro never drank it. Fidel Castro’s Ex-girlfriend also tried to kill him.  She agreed to put a poisonous ice cream in his freezer.  But Castro found out and tried to kill her.  One last crazy murder attempt was an exploding cigar.  Fidel Castro loved to smoke cigars, so the CIA replaced his normal cigars (that would’ve killed him anyway), with exploding cigars, where when he lit them, they would explode. But eventually, the plot was unfolded.

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