EMS Perspectives: New And Old Students


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EMS has been a school for over 80 years. EMS helps every student feel welcome and learn. All the teachers at EMS make sure that the kids are having fun and enjoying the environment. The children learn many different things about kindness and cooperation. The students and teachers work together and share many ideas.


The old student

“I think EMS is different from other schools because the school lets children learn in a fun and caring environment. I think the building is very big and has lots of room for children learn and enjoy the school. I think a lot of the EMS students are very loud but are very welcoming to new and old students.”


The new student

                  “I think that EMS’s buildings are like houses, and they are really interesting. EMS is really different from my old school. My old school was really small and modern. EMS friends are really nice and friendly and so are the teachers in EMS. EMS teaches very important things, including  the 4C’s. The classes are really fun and educational.”

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