Top 10 most expensive houses in the world

Grant Goldman, Reporter

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Top 10 Most Expensive houses in the World

These are the most expensive houses in the world. They have amazing architecture and cost from one hundred and fifty-five million dollars to one billion five hundred fifty million dollars. In my opinion I like the second most expensive house the best.


  1. Located in London, this stunning mansion has everything you could need, from an underground pool to a cinema. It is decorated in gold and marble and priceless art. Did you know it used to be a prep school? Now it’s a stupendous mansion with ten bedrooms and a panic room. Check it out!.


9 This building is located in Billion’s Row, London. It is a beautiful mansion made out of bricks. The house is huge and still getting bigger! The owners have recently installed a tennis court, a health centre, and and also an auto museum. The gate is beautiful and it has a statue. Statues are great.

  1. Located in Montana, this private ski and golf club is exquisite. It is the largest property of the Yellowstone Club.  The house has several heated pools (why need one pool when you can have seven) a gym, and also its very own ski lift (yes! now we don’t need to wait on line xDDDD) The price for the house is $155,000,000

  1. Located in San Simeon in California, this stunning castle is beautiful. This castle has twenty-seven bedrooms and has been featured in the award winning film “The Godfather.” Many celebrities have lived in it, such as Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Britain in the 1900 This beautiful architecture

is stupendous. This beauty is worth $191,000,000.



  1. Located at Woodside in California, this compound is located on the water of a manmade lake. It is not really a house because it is a bath house and a tea house. Perfect for all your tea-making needs! The area of this compound is twenty three acres. The price of this astonishing compound is $ 200,000,000.


  1. Located in London, it is on the fabled Billionaire’s row. This exquisite house has a parking space for twenty cars, why? This house has twelve bedrooms and an indoor pool. It is worth two hundred twenty-two million dollars.

  1. Located at Sagaponack at New York: This massive house is spread over sixty- three acres it consists of twenty-nine  bedrooms, and even a power plant. 39 Bathrooms a basket ball court, a tennis court, a bowling alley and squash courts. This Massive house is worth two hundred forty-three million dollars.

  1. Located at Cote D’Azur in France It is spread out on fifty acres and is huge. It has an outside kitchen. The guest house is bigger than some millionaires houses. It has a greenhouse that is almost as big as a commercial building. It also has a helipad and it is valued at seven hundred and fifty billion dollars.

  1. Located at Mumbai in India this is my favorite out of all of exquisite. It has four hundred, thousand square feet. It is a twenty-seven story palace ( I think it is a skyscraper). It has six underground parking lots. Six! Not just one or two but six! Well I guess it need all six of the parking lots because the house needs six hundred staff to maintain. The richest man in India owns this one billion dollar house.


  1. And at the Number one spot I bet you would never guess it but the most expensive house is the Buckingham Palace yup that’s right the Buckingham Palace. It is located in London. It has one hundred and eighty- eight staff rooms. Seventy-eight bathrooms fifty-two bedrooms which is insane. Nineteen state rooms and ninety-two offices. By the way Buckingham Palace is exquisite I actually visited it. I bet you can’t guess who owns it well it’s Queen Elizabeth who has owned it since 1952. This house is listed at one billion five hundred and fifty million dollars.


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