The Article That Surrounds A Discovery That May or May Not Be Recent and May or May Not Be Relating to 7 Earth-like Planets That May or May Not Be 40 Light Years Away From Some Planet That May or May Not be Called Earth

Alexandros Paliouras, Reporter

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There has been a recent discovery by NASA has revealed 7 new planets in orbit around a star 40 light-years away, which is relatively close to Earth in outer space. This discovery does not extend to the knowledge of whether or not one of the planets has water on it or can sustain life. Some scientists and conspiracy theorists are still hopeful as this is one of the most promising discoveries that could possibly reveal that extraterrestrial beings exist. All the planets are approximately the same size and shape as earth and have the potential to harbor water, the key to sustaining life.

This discovery is so critical as this is a very rare case. At least three of the planets are in about the same distance from the star as earth is from the Sun and could have a suitable temperature that supports life; however, it would also need the right atmosphere and enough greenhouse gases to conserve heat. While the star that the planets orbit is much smaller the Sun, it still provides enough heat for the planets to sustain life but does not provide nearly as much light compared to the Sun. Little has yet been discovered about the state of each planet other than basic data such as orbital period, planet mass and planet radius. NASA scientists have yet to gather details about the state of the atmospheres of each of the planets and finding out more about the surface of each planet and whether or not any of them have any liquid on them.  

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