Phoebe Han and Anya Hajjar

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There are many elements to a family, and kids play a very important role. Your age determines your role and responsibility in the family. What do you think is the best role in the family: oldest (with lots of responsibility but many privileges), Middle, (knowing the perspective of both being older and at the same time, younger, being prepared for what comes ahead, but also sometimes not knowing their place in the family), or the youngest child (very little expectation But the youngest child’s abilities are very limited compared to the other kids)

The oldest child’s job is to be the role models for the other siblings. They help their younger sibling with problems that they have experience with. They also help their parents by taking care of their younger siblings or helping around the house. However, they do get to stay up later, be more independent, and are more trusted.   

The middle child knows the perspective of being both older and younger. They also are prepared for what comes ahead of them because of the mistakes that the older child makes. The middle child learns from the older child and tells what they learned to the younger child. Although the middle child is not the oldest, they are usually the calmest in the family because they do not feel too pressured like the oldest child and not feeling trapped like the younger child. They have the right balance of emotions and are usually in the best mood.


The youngest child brings lots of joy to the family. They can get very upset about not being able to do a lot of activities that the older children can do; having too many rules. But they do get to play around depending on their age, making them happy and usually under no stress. Their parents also have the experience of both the oldest and middle child so they know what to do with the youngest child.

Now that you know everything the siblings do, how they interact what their roles are it’s your turn to decide which do you think is the is most rewarding. Who has it best?

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