Penny Wars!

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Penny Wars!

Melanie Cohen and Peter Staphos

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Starting April 17, 2017, Morrow House engaged in a money raising fundraise, Penny Wars. The objective was to raise mosey for the eighth grade gift. Every year, eighth graders raise money to donate something new to the EMS campus to make it even better before they graduate.


The way you win Penny Wars is by having the highest score. There are multiple ways to raise your score. One way is to bring in pennies for your own grade’s jar. Each penny gives you one point. A way to deduct points from other grades is to bring in nickels, dimes, quarters, and other coins valued over 1 cent. These coins count for negative points. One nickel is -5 points, a dime -10, and a quarter -25. Usually the winning team wins with a negative number, but the lowest negative number.


This year, the winner was the 5th Grade. They won with a total of -19.35 points. In total, all four grades earned a total of $586!


The point totals for each grade were:


5th grade: -19.35

6th grade: -55.14

7th grade: -282.33

8th grade: -39.94


The eighth grade thanks everyone who participated in the game, and we are very excited to use these funds toward our gift.

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