10 Most Beautiful Words from Twitter

by Madison Assanah

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  1. Aquiver

(adj.) Means quivering or trembling.

  1.  Mellifluous

(adj.) Means a sound that’s sweet, smooth, and pleasing to hear.

  1. Ineffable

(adj.) Means that it’s too great to be expressed in words.      

  1.  Hiraeth

(n) Means homesickness for a home/place that you can’t go back to or never was.

  1.  Nefarious

(adj.) Means wicked, despicable, or villainous.

  1. Somnambulist

(n) Means a person that sleepwalks.

  1. Epoch

(n) Means a specific period of time in a person’s life or in history.

  1. Sonorous

(adj.) Means a deep and full sound.

  1. Serendipity

(n) Means the chance of events happening in a good way.

  1. Aurora

(n) Means dawn.


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