Celebrities Who May Be Running in the 2020 Election

Luke Davis

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Even though Oprah has previously denied rumors about running, her Golden Globes acceptance speech sparked interest in many people. Her close friends have even said she is “actively thinking about it”.


Chris Rock


Chris Rock tweeted out a meme with him swearing in with the caption: “The only thing white is the house – Rock2020” Under it, he said: “I’m gonna run in 2020 wish me luck.” Then again, he is a comedian, so it could totally be a joke.


Dwayne Johnson


When Vanity Fair asked Johnson if he’d consider running for office, he responded with: “This past election shows anything can happen. It would be a great opportunity to help people, so it’s possible.”


Kevin Hart


When Kevin Hart talked to E! News on May 21, he said he was disappointed Johnson didn’t pick him as the VP and announced his bid to run against The Rock. He also said his VP would be his son.


Mark Cuban

Cuban and Trump’s hate for each other is no secret. Cuban was a very vocal critic on the campaign trail, but now it looks like he’s looking to sit in the Oval Office himself. “Well, it’s certainly more of a consideration than it was,” Cuban said during an interview on Meet the Press in May 2016. “You don’t have to be the perfect Stepford candidate like you would’ve been in the past.

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney

Trump hasn’t just inspired Hollywood celebrities think about a place in politics. Many big business billionaires are thinking about it too. Iger, the CEO of Disney, said that many people have encouraged him to consider entering politics, and even towards a 2020 run. “A lot of people — a lot — have urged me to seek political office,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. Iger has also talked to former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg about public office.

Tim Tebow


The former star quarterback, a devout Christian, told “Fox & Friends” in 2016 that he likes the idea of running for office if “there’s a chance (he) could make a difference someday at something.”


Out of the running


Kanye West and Will Smith considered running, but West talked to Trump and postponed his run to 2024, and Will Smith said he was “kind of joking” when he talked about running for office.









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