Riverdale or Stranger Things?

Sydney Salazar and Maddy Goldstein

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Riverdale and Stranger Things are two of the most popular middle aged shows on Netflix. These show are similar in some ways.


“Riverdale” is a show about four teens who find out mysteries about their town, Riverdale. The four main characters are, Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica. The first season starts off with the murder of Jason Blossom. The four kids try to find out who this murderer is, but come across many dangerous situations. They end up finding out that this murderer is Jason’s dad.

The second season is about a murderer who is called “the black hood,” who kills many characters in the show. The black hood is revealed as the janitor, but the four kids don’t think he was the real murderer. THe show is still being made, and episodes are on every Wednesday.

Stranger Things

The show, “Stranger Things,” is about Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she started a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of strange mysteries involving secret government experiments, supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.


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